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Multi Frame Computer Animation by Dominika
Multi Frame Computer Animation by Dominika
Multi Frame Computer Animation by Galin and Awab
Multi Frame Computer Animation by Galin and Awab







iCompute Skills Progression                                        iCompute EYFS Curriculum Guide     

iCompute iCan Assessment Progression                 2022-23 Computing Overview


Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

At Greenpark, we use iCompute to enhance our delivery of Computing. iCompute is fully mapped to the National Curriculum and provides a rich, broad and balanced Computing curriculum. Greenpark offers pupils a Computing education designed from research led computing pedagogies and covers all three strands of Computing (Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy) in addition to extra eSafety. Pupils are offered lessons which enhance their enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in Computing by empowering and equipping them with the skills needed for a progressively technology driven life. Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching with pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time. Lessons are sequences so that concepts are developed in logical steps with particular attention given to fundamental concepts. This ensures that all children can master concepts before moving to the next stage, with no pupil left behind.


What do we teach? What does this look like?

All children receive a comprehensive and bespoke sequence of learning for E-safety at the beginning of the year. This subject continues throughout the year with teachers responding to trends and situations that arise. Children receive ability appropriate lessons which cover all parts of the National Curriculum in different ways. To enable children to build on previous skills, we are on a rolling programme. This will be adapted each year to follow the children’s knowledge and skills, providing them with an accessible and meaningful curriculum. We have a large amount of Ipads, laptops and Chromebooks which are used to support learning in addition to Computing lessons. We also offer unplugged learning to embed learning away from technology. Assessments take part at the beginning and end of each unit and a tracker filled out to track progress. Knowledge organisers are available for students for each sequence of learning.


What will this look like? By the time children leave our school they will:

Vocabulary is explicitly taught that is relevant to the area of study. Children are encouraged to use the correct vocabulary during lessons and this is modelled by the teacher. This means that children can use vocabulary to discuss their learning. Lessons are planned which build upon skills that have been previously learnt. Children are then able to use these connections to learn further. Children are exposed to a range of computing devices and software which are relevant to today’s digital world. To ensure progress, children are assessed twice during each sequence of learning. We also have a large focus on E-safety to ensure that the children know and can explain how to keep themselves safe.