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Computing remains an important and ever changing part of the national curriculum. At Greenpark Academy, we use a scheme called iCompute. iCompute uses a range of different lessons (both practical and ‘unplugged’) to teach the children skills in the three main areas of Computing.

Computer Science includes learning about how to write programs using algorithms. It also focusses on de-bugging and the entire process of how and why things work within a program.

Digital Literacy teaches children how to use the internet and other devices safely and securely (this includes E-Safety)

Information Technology focusses on how to use certain programs like Word, Excel and take part in digital research.

E-Safety is taught at the beginning of each year, but will be revisited throughout the year at different periods. This will ensure that we keep up with recent trends and will help to keep our young people safe online.

We use a series of focused assessments to judge whether children have progressed in each area they have learned about. This is tracked by teachers and progress can be clearly seen within each sub-category of Computing, but also in the subject as a whole.

The theory behind the use of iCompute and why it is so effective can be found here.

More information about the Computing curriculum and iCompute can he found here.