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Family Support and Pastoral Care

         Thrive Practitioner
         Mental Health Lead

Mrs Parkinson is our Family Support Advisor / PSA here at Greenpark Academy.

Having been in the role for 5 years (although 23 years for the Trust), Mrs Parkinson is available throughout the school day to support parents – helping them through personal challenges, especially with the current economic crisis.

Mrs Parkinson is passionate about supporting parents and promoting better mental health knowing the children will also benefit, she wants to be able to make a difference to families lives.

Mrs Parkinson can sign-post families to support, these include help with finances, domestic abuse and mental health related issues. 

Mrs Parkinson is contactable on Class Dojo or by calling the school on 01553 772018 during school hours.

Mrs Parkinson is trained in a range of areas to support our families and children, please view the full list here.

Domestic Abuse Champion

Male Victims and Abuse Champion

Mental Health Lead

Neglect Champion

Bereavement Support

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Family Network Facilitator

Family Thrive Course Leader

Family Thrive Practitioner

Solihull Facilitator – Understanding your child’s behaviour

Stress and Anxiety Advice

Young Carers Champion

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Norfolk Steps Practitioner and Lead

Part of the Norfolk and Healthy Child Programme

Family Support Process Lead

Every Relationship Matters support

Supporting families with attendance issues

In times of need has access to the food bank and fuel vouchers


         Thrive Practitioner
        Mental Health Lead

Miss Pearson is our Pastoral Lead here at Greenpark Academy.

Having been a part of the Trust for several years, her main role is to work with children supporting their emotional and behavioural needs, creating support plans with teachers and parents tailored to the individual child. 

Miss Pearson is Thrive Lead also our Thrive Lead, offering individual and group sessions with children, she works alongside our Teachers and Teaching Assistants to support children with their emotional development needs. 

Miss Pearson can support you in understanding your child's behaviours and emotional needs, help you learn tools and strategies to use with emotional and behaviour management.

Miss Pearson is contactable on Class Dojo or by calling the school on 01553 772018 during school hours.

Miss Pearson is trained in a range of areas to support your children, please view the full list here.

Mental Health Lead

Thrive Lead

Thrive Practitioner

Mindful Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Restorative Practice Trainer

Play Therapy

Lego Therapy

Domestic Abuse in Childhood Trauma

Behaviour Management

Inclusion Support

Counselling Children

Anxiety in Young People and Children