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Power Maths rejects the notion that some people simply ‘cannot do maths’. It develops growth mindset and encourages hard work, practice and a willingness to learn from mistakes.

The programme of work is sequenced to enable to the mastery of small, cumulative steps to build a solid foundation of deep mathematical understanding and to equip children with a deep and long lasting understanding.

The Power Maths Teaching Model uses interactive whole class lessons to develop the mastery in maths children need to acquire.  Teaching is delivered step by step to build a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, structures and procedures. The structure of the programme provides opportunity to develop a fluency in key facts (see the attachments below) such as times tables and number bonds. 

Children master concepts one step at a time in lessons that embrace a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to build on prior learning and help them see patterns and connections. 

Interactive whole class teaching sequence encourages thinking, precise vocabulary and allows children to deepen understanding as far as they can.  Power Maths enables teachers to check understanding and ensure every child is keeping up.  Same day intervention ensures sustained progress.