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Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

“Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insulation and provides an opening to other cultures.”


National CurriculumLanguages programmes of study: key stage 2 (September 2013)

Learning a second language in today’s increasingly globalised world sparks curiosity and improves children’s understanding of other cultures and the wider world.  Learning a language is easier the younger someone is and research shows that there are other advantages such as improved problem solving skills.  It is believed that developing an understanding of how language ‘works’ can help with literacy in English.

We are fortunate at Greenpark Academy to have adults and children from a variety of cultures who can speak more than one language.  We aim to share and develop a knowledge and appreciation of stories, songs, customs, food and celebrations of these cultures through the expertise within our school community. 

In addition, we seek to enable pupils to make progress in one language and therefore teach French to all Key Stage 2 pupils.

We use Lightbulb Languages for teaching our language curriculum which develops three strands of learning:

  1. Oracy – speaking and listening
  2. Literacy – reading and writing
  3. Intercultural Understanding – learning about similarities and differences between different cultures.

Teaching the knowledge of how language works runs through all three strands.

The KS2 Framework develops children understanding and skills over time and will be taught as follows:

Learning a language develops an understanding of language and identity and impacts on learning across the broader curriculum. Through language learning, we aim to develop inclusivity and opportunities for all children in school to have a positive impact on the adults they become and the kind of world in which they will live.