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Reading at Greenpark Academy is viewed by all stakeholders as a vital life skill. Therefore, at our school we teach children to read quickly using a phonetic approach so that they can access books. Phonics is taught through letters and sounds from Reception. As children progress through school they are grouped according to their level of understanding of phonics class by class. Children’s individual reading books are banded and are distributed according to the child’s current reading ability.

At our school, we focus on reading for pleasure: teaching and modelling to the children the way to read and the value of it for their own entertainment. This often involves sessions in which everyone reads in class- including adults, modelling to the class how to sit and enjoy a book.

It is important for children to be exposed to a range of texts that are then discussed and analysed to give children a bank of ideas and vocabulary for them to draw upon thus increasing their cultural capital. Classes access these books through English lessons, guided reading sessions and daily story time.