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The Harbour

What is The Harbour?

Our pupils may moor into The Harbour to protect them from the ‘rough seas’ they may be encountering within the main classroom. For some children this may be a temporary mooring enabling them to develop key skills … so that they can return to their main class. For some children this may be because they are struggling to cope in a mainstream setting, they or may not have an EHCP and could be awaiting specialist provision to meet their needs.

How does The Harbour work with children and families?

The staff in The Harbour know the children well, they plan a curriculum to meet their needs. We encourage children to talk about their interests to make solid links between both school and home, this is something that can be built into their learning experiences within The Harbour. Staff are always available to listen to concerns and to support. Our Parent Support Advisor works closely with our families as does the pastoral team, speech and language and the SENCO.

What does learning look like in The Harbour?

The curriculum is based on the interests of the children and current topics related to calendar events. We use the early years framework to form the foundation of our learning , this is interwoven  with Thrive where we aim to develop solid relationships and promotes positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in  children and young people.

Children access core curriculum subjects using practical resources and the school grounds to keep learning alive and engaging. There is plenty of time to talk and reflect and children access support from the wider team including pastoral support and the SENCO.  

How do we track and assess children in The harbour?

The Harbour uses Evidence for Learning to gather and track progress within The Harbour. EFL works effectively for our children within the group who find it difficult to record their learning by more conventional methods. Using EFL means we can track against Early learning Goals, Thrive and any plans relating to Speech and Language or EHCPs by taking photographs or videos of learning experiences in the moment.