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The Model Music Curriculum is divided into four strands: singing, listening, composing, performing/instrumental performing

In the Early Years Foundation Stage the focus is on hearing and listening, vocalising and singing, moving and dancing and exploring and playing.  

In the nursery, musical instruments are freely accessible in the indoor and outdoor environments, pieces of music are played during the session and the children are taught songs and nursery rhymes in a daily ‘singing sack’ circle time activity.

In the reception class elements of the Charanga music scheme are followed and the children are taught songs and nursery rhymes in regular ‘singing sack’ circle time activities.

The composing and performing elements of the music curriculum are taught by a visiting music teacher on a weekly basis and across the school year, each year group will have a terms tuition.  She is a specialist music teacher who provides high quality teaching for all children where they practice with a wide range of musical instruments.

The listening and appraising element of the curriculum is covered by class teachers.

This element is either linked to class topics or themes, taught as a stand-alone element of the Charanga music scheme, or a combination of both.

The school subscribes to the Norfolk Music Hub, giving access to the Charanga music scheme of work.